Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chalk Tales

When I was a kid there was white and yellow chalk - big sticks, for sidewalks and driveways. I loved it. It was a big treat to go out and make the black pavement become bright! My dad didn't always love it, and the hose would come out soon after to wash away my artwork, but that was ok, I got my scribbling done.

Some years later, my daughter now has her choice of more than 15 colors of big chalk for her outdoor enjoyment! wow! I'm jealous! BUT wait, I get to play too! how fun is that?! and my husband loves it just as much.
Together we can now make our driveway turn all kinds of colors - and there's no hosing anything down afterwards, all works o'art are permanent (well, until the rain hits... then, ciao ciao chalk).

My daughter grabs the giant chalks and starts scribbling away, we follow behind to "finish up" for her - at all of 21 months, she's pretty darn good with a mega piece of chalk in her tiny hand. I admit, it's not all that easy to draw on a driveway or sidewalk... That's why we loved it as kids ! lightbulb! we were LITTLE, closer to the ground - much easier! hello!

As for my artistic talents, well, maybe they're best left for paper and collages, but my husband has quite way with chalk and pavement! he and my daughter have truly become little Monets on the blacktop. Look at this work! It's NY Times Art section-bound! Who else could recreate my daughter's favorite doll and her name - Sally - all in chalk!? (as she pronounces it more like "Sayee").
Of course, the whole outdoor chalk idea is also great for learning words too... as we've found out...

Here she is! all of 21 months, labeling herself! Wow, what a kid! She's a genius! :)

Tomorrow they're calling for 65 degrees and sun - I can only imagine the chalk tales for tomorrow!