Monday, August 30, 2010

Time to Hit the Books...

As a teacher, I do love this time of year. It's time to get into gear and get back to some serious work. Hit the books and go to town... Off with the flip flops and here come the heels... Ciao Ciao shorts and tees and hello pencil skirts and pretty shirts... Well, ok, I do love that part, then, there's the part where I encounter a bunch of new kids and their new "expressions," - always interesting to hear what high school kids have to say, and teach me, from time to time.
Yes, by the end of August I'm ready to go! Ready to teach. Ready to get out the power points, take notes and lecture away on the importance of learning history, art and language. However, come October, I could certainly use a bit of a break... :)   Maybe I should bottle up some of the excitement?
I do miss my little girl, all of 3 years old, as I return to my career. But I see just how much she loves her "school" - preschool, that is - and it's all ok. She gears up for a new year, just like mom. Hopefully, she too will find and always have the same excitement for "back to school," as her mother.

Happy School Days!
Some of my Etsy Back to School finds - or, some random things that get me even more excited about going back to work :)

School Days Journal - RossellaJayne 
School Days Journal Album

yes, it's a bangle - but a beauty! full  Safarisister's
NEW DESIGN Handmade Hammered Bangle Recycled Brass or Copper

Very fall, very pretty...  by MadRiverDesigns
A Little Luster - Double Wrap Laboradite on Leather

Always love some great graphics! LandofEnchantment

NeW aNTiQUeD 2.5 inch image BLoCKs aGeD sTaiNeD antique vintage paper ephemera SuN HeaRT RoCKiNG HoRSe BiRD Sail Ship CHaiR GloBe original digital collage sheet download altered art handmade greeting cards glass pendant slides scrapbooking supplies sh01
I think I have to get this...    by Boygirltees
Brownie Camera Field/Messenger bag
Pretty Print... great for my classroom! "Kids! When I was a kid... I used to have to..."
by Warmwhispers
school girl, 8x10 fine art print
ok, I could SO use this for my Iphone! love it! by Mariforssell
Stash iPod Touch / Classic case - pink and orange vintage wool plaid
I've drooled over this for a year now! Ileaiye

Soft Creamy pink kimono cardigan  approximately 4-5 left in this shade

love this too! by Idea2lifestyle
Rain embroidered long dress (Q1003)
The beginning, middle and end of my every day.... by EmilinaBallerina

Handstamped Om Necklace

Happy School Days...................

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clarity and all things Clear...

A few months ago my daughter overheard a song I was listening to, an oldie but a goodie! "I Can See Clearly Now..." originally by Johnny Nash (take a listen :)
She caught on quick, and, for a few days, it's the only song she would sing... But then again, that's what 3 year olds do, repetition, it's their "thing." (currently we're working on "You are My Sunshine"combined with "Oh Mio Bambino Caro") - yes, quite the combo, that's my girl!
I do have a love for great music -new and old - but this song was stuck in my head for a few days, and it wasn't just because my daughter was catching on either... It speaks about clarity, seeing clearly, being clear... And that's been my "theme" lately, that's why this song, and all things "clear", have been resonating so well with me.
When you're clear, you work better, play better, do better... Clear = good.
I adore finding objects of  "clarity" and wearing them, decorating with them, putting them in my home... They're wonderful reminders of staying clear, focused and aware.
Thanks Johnny!

A few finds on Etsy, all things "clear"... clarity.

Rock Candy necklace by Ranchelungerjewelry
Rock Candy - Champagne Quartz Necklace

After the Rain (how appropriate!) by SterlingRoseDesign
B2S SALE - After the Rain - Iridescent Pink Glass Briolette Wire Wrapped Earrings

Cocktail Ring by Nutraj
Cocktail Ring - Crystal and Copper

Love necklace by Bluelovebirds

Old Fashioned LoVe Necklace...Vintage Crystal Glass Chandelier Pieces, Swarovski Crystals on Sterling Silver Necklace

Estate Bracelet by Laralewis
Estate Bracelet, Audrey, Vintage Rhinestones Retro Glam

Crystal Ball by Musettemade
crystal ball - clear vintage glass and brass necklace

Clairvoyance by PoleStar
Handmade Necklace Crystal Quartz Sterling Silver, Clairvoyance

Hollywood Luxe by KristinFriesen
SPRING CLEARANCE - Hollywood Luxe Earrings (Crystal Clear Ovals)

Home Decor Photo by Leapinggazelle
13 x 19 fine art photo - your choice... inspirational home decor nature and flower photos by Lauren Dinneweth

I can see clearly now.........

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ears have it!

To honor my brave little 3 year old daughter, today's blog will be all about earrings! Jayne was a real trooper and got her little ears pierced today. Her lobes sparkle now - and totally adorable!
It was a combo , I'll admit, me wanting her to get earrings and her , at times, mentioning she wanted them. Then, last night my husband walked into a little jewelry shop with her and I knew - it was time!
I got new little piercings for myself, some glittery little flowers to top my first piercings - very cute - I do have to say! Wouldn't let my daughter have to go through that all on her own...
So, here are a few Etsy earring finds - for mom, daughter, or friend... Enjoy!

Pretty little things! Morning Mist by AmberSky

Love her stuff! Botanical Flower by ShySiren

Botanical Flower Earrings with Smoky Glass and Sea Foam Flowers  

Where it all began... LOVE these! Copper Wings by Museglass
copper WING earrings

So pretty! Lone Tear by Envejewelry
Lone Tear

Love the cards and the shop! and, of course these little gems! by Eliwill

shay earrings - silver Topaz

Little lampwork angels by RossellaJayne

Angel Ears...

Vintage ... by PoleStar
Handmade Earrings - Sterling Silver, Acrylic White Bubble Beads, Handmade Vintage Glass, Brass - Minutiae

and more green, and pretty stuff!... by Kateemarie

Burnt Honeydew Chalcedony Earrings

Rock Candy - yummy! - by Rachelungerjewelry 

Rock Candy - Champagne Quartz Earrings

A few storage options.....

Claudine's Line stand                          
PRE ORDER Wire Earring Jewelry Tree Stand  

BlueBirds Haven Typeset Drawer holder
Antique printers typeset drawer for jewelry

and from Amazon:


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Child's Play

Every day I find the beauty in something , some place, some one. My daughter is my every day "reminder." Her incredible spirit, beauty and ability to make me laugh at any given moment is an every minute occurrence.
Children remind us to slow down, take it easy and be child-like. We need to play and laugh more and worry less about getting the dishes done. We don't need to look at the clock every five minutes and hope the wash is through the first cycle.
A child's smile is so telling. Watch a child at play and find calm, not frantic running, just joy.
Children's toys and clothes can be a simple reminder to just stop, breathe, enjoy and let it all go.
Here are a few things, found on Etsy, that are wonderful works of art and creativity, and reminders of staying child-like.... Enjoy!

Tree Adhesive Fabric Wall Decor - by Lovemaestore           

  Le Nuage - by Matilou
Le nuage - digital art Print

Off to See the World Pillow - by Three Red Apples      
  Slumber - by Trafalagrassquare
Off to See the World pillow in turquoise  
Slumber - by Trafalagrassquare
SLUMBER 8X10 Archival Print

Baby hat by Totzhatz                                                  
Baby Blue, Navy, White - Earflap Hat with Fluffy Trim  
Bloom Felt Hair Clip - by PrettyinPosies
  Tri Petal Big Bloom - Felt Flower Hair Clip - Sweet Pea Pink

Button Hats by Hannahmccumsey                            
Autumn-Pack of 3 Market Knit Button Hats      
BabyDoll Tags by RosellaJayne
 Babydoll Tag Cards

adorable! Flower Hat by SnookyDoodles                         
 Scavenger Hunt Decks by Blykenandnod

   3 Full Decks for 15 each-  Playground Scavenger Hunt Cards

Monday, August 16, 2010

Make it Sparkle!

Before I became a mom, I liked the stuff that sparkled - it was nice. Now that I AM a mom , I LOVE stuff that sparkles!!! Bring it on! Not sure what giving birth has to do with it, but the more sparkle the better! I even love glitter now too!
Here are a few amazing "sparkle" finds from Etsy today - LOVE this stuff!
Estate Earrings, Greige, Swarovski Crystals   Estate Earrings, Audrey, POST
Estate crystal earrings by Laralewis - I own a pair or two ... VERY nice! Always makes the outfit!

VERSAILLES RING no193 antique inspired artisan silver ring
now, this is a ring! LOVE it! FigIstanbul on Etsy

Rainbow Opalite Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace - Aura  Faceted Brown Smoky Quartz Trapezoid Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings - Suede
The name of this shop is GlitzGlitter - of course it has LOTS of sparkle!!!

crystal and sterling silver - Gypsy Necklace Jealous Girlfriend Earrings - Czech glass drops and brass
Love this shop - GlassOnion - GREAT stuff! and these are some pretty little sparkle-y pieces!
Lily Necklace - faceted rose quartz and oxidized sterling silver
and just another from GlassOnion, SO pretty in pink!!!

I could go ON and ON and ON...
Don't forget - everyone NEEDS some sparkle!!!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photo Shoot...

Not your typical "photo shoot," this one is more of a collection of some pretty awesome photo art! Most of these are Etsy sellers - and quite talented, as always!

These little blocks are from MinatureRhino - photo encaustic- you and me, 2.75 inches  and this adorable baby clothesline photo is from warm whispers  baby clothes, 5 x 7 fine art print. Vintage photos are pretty popular for lots of creative work these days, like these from my own shop Vintage Photos RossellaJayne.  But I fall in love with things like this Simplicity Chunky Newborn Pod for Infant - You Choose Color- Photography Photo Prop - it's not the photo that's for sale, it's the cute little "pod" that this cutie-pie is wrapped in! From AmberMichelleWilson on Etsy.  I also love photos like these, vintage, black and white, local history... great stuff! JavaJava DesignsLetter M - Alphabet Photography Individual 4x6 Black and White Photo for Name Frames (M3)
There's a lot of creativity and fun in KellydBrown's photo shop on Etsy too! Lots of great work here below! Brava!

The Lovely Llama 5x7 Print      Lily Oh Lily - 4x6 Note Card

I've also fallen for a TON of stuff on Stumble Upon! ENJOY!