Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Start a blog, it's great for people who love to write..."
Yes, that's what I was told - and I followed right along. Then, three months go by and no posts - oops. But now that my husband has furnished me with this wonderful little laptop, a "mini" as it's called - I re-enter the wonderful world of blogging once again!
But I did think to myself - how sad that I can't just sit myself at our home PC, in our cozy little office and start working. BIG screen on that computer - another wonderful gift from my wonderful husband. But, No, I need yet ANOTHER piece of equiptment to get me writing. And now, I can even write in bed - ooh!
I noticed there is even a car charger for this lovely little mini - who am I? a cop? I need a computer in my car now too?! I need to get on my computer the minute a thought comes to me? the second I need to check facebook or an etsy transaction? It can't wait until I get home?
Ironically, I've been reading about simplifying things in life lately too - this, ANOTHER computer, doesn't simplify - it just makes laziness even easier. (but yes, I love it!)
There's the 80/20 rule - 80% of what we have, we don't need. If you were to go through your house , or apartment, condo - wherever - you could find that 80% of what you have, isn't really necessary. It's SO true with myself and my family. I look around and I KNOW that I could have a football field-sized dumpster pull into my driveway and take out more than 1/2 of our "stuff" and we'd be just fine.
Why cling to that piece of paper I sketched a little flower on from 7 years ago? I can do it again if I want to... or that stack of old t-shirts I WILL use as rags ONE day? or the 9 dog beds for our FOUR dogs??? Why do I still have a set of furniture in here, STILL, from the PRIOR owner of this house?! Why are there still fishing poles here from 1960?! no, not antiques, just very old, used, fishing rods that probably would crumble the minute they sensed water!
Ah yes, the invention of "having it all- right away" is here, and now we're faced with the question "is this how we really want to live?"
Lastly, on the same note - my husband and I did some early car preview shopping today for our next family car. I saw this beautitful little VW Bug - well, the new one, but in champagne and burgundy. They call it their "Blush Edition" - SO pretty. No, there's no way I'm getting a car seat in there comfortably - so, for now, Blush, as pretty as it is, is also out of the question. But I looked in the trunk and started to laugh. I currently have an SUV, nothing huge, but a comfy sized SUV. "Are you kidding?" I thought when I saw that trunk - "where would I put all of my stuff?" - and then in dawned on me. Stuff. What stuff? I don't need more stuff!!!! I LOVE this trunk , I love this car - this is what I need - I need that trunk.
And so, I leave for tonite - but will be blogging once again, thanks to receiving this great little item to add to my list of stuff.

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