Thursday, March 3, 2011

Building Blocks

Keeping it short, but sweet, for today... I like building blocks - for all ages. I tell my students (adults and teens) to look at learning as building blocks - always use what you've learned to build with, and keep building.
My love for photos follows the "building block" theory too - literally. I love to edit photos and "play" - for me, it's pure therapy! So, recently I took a few "blah" photos and made blocks with them. = a lot of fun and a few new, more lively, images.
If you're finding yourself a bit "stuck" - think in terms of building blocks. Jog your memory and use what you know, build on top of that and soon enough you'll find your therapy, your fun and lots of other interesting moments abound!

And, of course, some Etsy "block" finds:


  1. This is a wonderful surprise for me to be featured here! I thank you and am honored! What you did with your images is so cool and original. They're great!

  2. thank you! you have some great work too, First Light!

  3. Awesome selections and blog! I'm so touched to be included, thank you! :)


  4. oooooweeee ...thank you for including my digital collage sheet picture blocks!
    Skippity do dah DAY!


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