Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Becoming Mindful

Mindfulness  = awareness….. Becoming aware of ourselves, our thoughts, our grace and love for self and others.
If you haven’t heard, being “mindful” is “in”! It’s not your grandmother telling you to mind your manners or your father telling you to mind his line of vision to the TV screen.  This mindfulness is an amazing concept brought about by author  Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn. His work, and others, can be found archived at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Mass. Medical School.
Some mindful links and resources :
Mindful - a wonderful site on learning to be mindful at work, in our relationships and within….
Omega Institute - offers a variety of mindful events and meditations year-long

For more info on these links to mindfulness visit The Happy Healer.

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  1. This post was published on my birthday. How lovely. I think its a message to me that I need to become more mindful. I tend to be forgetful, even in little things. I do try to get advice from phone psychic readings and I am now working on my forgetfulness and lack of focus. Thanks for your post. Will check out your new site as well.


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