Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Paintings...

More snow... Good thing I got some REALLY awesome snow boots this winter! I also feel as thought I've been able to be home a little "extra," for a reason... like getting to do more of what I enjoy doing....hmmm???
I was never a snow-bunny. Never enjoyed ski trips with friends, but did love lodge-living! Never loved snow-mobiling, but zoomed off anyway, and prayed for dear life as we flew across the snow-bound farms. But now that I'm a mom, I love the snow! Or, maybe, I've decided to just flow with the snow, why not?! I love wearing my really awesome snow boots. I love pulling my daughter on the sled. I love watching our dogs frolic. I love taking photos of the snow covered trees and lakes and ocean. I love looking at the contrast on the branches. I love knowing that every one of those flakes is unique, yet they form some of the most breath-taking, picturesque scenery.
This morning I went down to the bay and took some photos. They didn't come out that great since I didn't have my "good" camera with me, but it doesn't matter- I got to do what I love. I watching the seagulls swarm and the Canadian geese continue to form their perfect formations as the giant flakes fell. The bay was iced over, but beautiful. The quiet was amazing, and meditative.
Snow and cold don't always make everyone happy. But, why fight mother nature? She will ALWAYS win. She's painted a beautiful picture for us, again. Why not enjoy her artwork and do what you love?!

and some "snow-like" finds from my Etsy friends :



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