Saturday, February 21, 2009

Copper Hoops begins...

I've been meaning to start this for some time now - blogs are big -and plentiful. I wanted in a piece of this blogging, writing scene too! I'm a mother, a wife, sister, daughter, teacher, student and then some - just like many of you reading this.

Why Copper Hoop? It's a bit long and detailed, but it's an important piece I wear around my neck from time to time (see image, thanks to museglass on - copper has a wonderful energy to it and the "hoop" - circle - is a cycle, it's life.

Favorite quote- I try to live by - "What you think, you become." Oh - I do have one more favorite, "See things differently and the things you look at change."

This weekend it's just me and my almost 20 month-old daughter - it's February, still a bit chilly out for a kid with a cold... My husband is busy , working... I have a ton to do - but I'm here, writing because it's been on my " list o'things to do" - do you have those too? I still have lots more on the list - like cleaning the house, laundry, yard work, etc... - but I wanted to use my "me time" more selfishly today :)
Things I love:
* lists! I'm a big list person, love to create them, and doodle on them - then find them somewhere else...
*More things I love (other than my daughter, my family and our 4 dogs of course ) - yoga, reiki, and Etsy!!! you have to give it a whirl! for the creative types, it's a GREAT place to find some wonderful hand made stuff!!!! Yes, I have a shop up there too, I'll link it one of these days...
*Books o'choice - at the time, anything by Dr. Dyer - great stuff!
*I am grateful every day.

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