Saturday, February 28, 2009

See you in October!

So, it's done - I'm walking. Well, I hope to walk. That is, I hope to get my team together and take part in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this October in NYC. I've promised myself (and my friend Stephanie), for years now, that I would do this.

I'm not sure Jayne can do the 30+ miles in two days, but that's ok, one day, she will. For now, I'm hoping to reconnect with some old friends, get a team together and raise some money for Breast Cancer research.

Stephanie left this world almost ten years ago - she was a twin. We both loved Italy and speaking Italian, we loved art and fashion, good food and wine. We both resided in the same places throughout our lives - NJ, RI and Italy! Stephanie was spunky and determined. She had a beautiful line of clothing , a great little botique and energy and creativity to fuel entire countries! I think of her so often. She was a fighter too. She went through painful battles with breast cancer and won. She won. She kept working and caring for her family. Her creativity never failed her, or anyone around her. Then, brain cancer found her. She didn't win that battle, she tried, but in the end, well, the cancer took over. It boggles my mind almost every day as to how and why - but I told her that the breast cancer walk, among other things, was something we would do.

So here I am - hopefully making use of this blog and gaining support - friends, family... here we go!
Interested? please post here! thanks!!!
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