Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Slide a day...

If it were up to my daughter, everything could happen on a slide and the world would be a great place! She's been taking on the "big kid" slides since she could walk and has no fear of a twist or turn or slick spot - down she goes, and viola'! like a cat, right on her feet at the very end!

She's learned manners on slides too - she knows she needs to wait her turn when other kids are there. She knows that you don't climb up a slide backwards (although, sometimes, that can be fun!). She's learned that you sit down first, hold on and let your body do the rest- that is, gravity, etc. I suppose a lot could be said for what I've learned watching her on these things. She teaches me something new every day. That smile alone is worth a few brisky afternoons of sliding ... Luckily, we're surrounded with these big plastic slides so she has her choice. She even has a few choices of slides at school - indoor and outdoor!

It's a pretty simple concept, but then again, maybe that's just another lesson I can take from her - the simple stuff can be quite rewarding too!

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