Thursday, September 2, 2010

Change the way...

The mere mention of the word "change," does tend to set off a little something in people. Sometimes, that little something is all for the better , and you barely realize it.
We witness change so often. We change our diet, our schedule, our clothes. There is some change - like the weather - that we have no control over. While, other change, like how we eat, dress, play with our children and care for our loved ones, are all things we can change at any time.
One of my favorite quotes is : "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." I have it posted in my home, my office and even in my car.
Changing our perspective can alter so many things.
Recently, I had to change my schedule - a LOT. It wasn't a change I was anticipating, but instead of whining, I saw lots of opportunity.
Take up the looking glass and start seeing change as the bright light of inspiration and endless possibilities!

Some photo prompts  and Etsy finds for "change" :
                                           I took this watching my 3-yr old on her first ferris wheel ride... scary change, but good!

One of my favorite rocky paths...

Nest by warmwhispers
nest, 8 x 10 fine art print

Copper and mixed metals bracelet by Jeanskipper
Begin - Handstamped and Handforged Solid Copper and Vintage Brass Layered ID Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals - by Jean Skipper

Metal Locket Box by StefenyStanyer
Metal Locket Box Pendant, Antique Silver, Skeleton Key Charm, 28 Inch Chain

A Catch by Sabinar
A Catch - print on matte paper size 28 cm x 21 cm (11 x 8.2)

Change of seasons... Scarf by Deniz03

Heart rings... by MintyFreshFusions
Bridesmaids or Sisters - Set of 4 Sterling and Copper Heart Stacking Rings - Your Sizes

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  1. Oh how lovely. Thank you for the pretty captures and the feature :)I love to see stuff like this!


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