Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our four-legged friends...

I've been loving some of the posts from the Anthropoligist, of  Anthropologie , lately about staff and their dogs, pet adoptions and events. I am an Anthro fanatic! Their company is very creative and yet, very in tune with their communities.
The photos, the artists and the statements they make are all very real, yet fascinating. They write and blog of things we all relate to on an every-day basis. They are artists reaching out, as I reach into my wallet, of course.
Animals almost always have a play in what Anthro markets, and they do it in a unique and original way, with the art of whimsy.
I too like to support my local "mom and pop" "brick and mortar" shops, but this is one company that does get my attention, and, of course, at times, my Visa.
I don't work for them, although, I'd love to. But that wouldn't work, my check wouldn't make it past the door!
I suppose what I do like is that this company, shares a love for animals. I realize other businesses also embrace pet adoptions, bring your pet to work day, etc... It's growing, it's getting there. Being kind to our planet, means being kind and loving towards our animals too. It's important that businesses share in this idea and pass it on.
I realize that not everyone has the same love for dogs, or cats, but I always find it a bit odd if they don't. How could you not love the eyes, the fur?! (I too am all for short haired dogs and cats though!) How could you not find a "pal" in a four-legged friend? They're amazing. They're therapy! They have unique personalities.
As a child, I grew up always having a pet - mostly dogs. We had a cat stage and a "Farm" stage too...But dogs have always been my "buddies." My husband too has grown up with that "love" for pets, and we teach our daughter to love our "gang" of 4 dogs (and 2 cockatoos). Hey, the more love you give, the more you get... Hug your dog (or cat) today, and every day! :)

and from my friends at Etsy...

Snow Nosed Boxer

Tea Party- MissKym
Tea Party Time Antique / Vintage photo digital download,

Sleeping in Bruges - 8x10 limited edition giclee photo print

Bumble Bee - Puppysbreathe
Bumble Bee Tutu Costume

Cherry on Top Dog Hat With Pom Pom
(as the proud owner of a  Boston, how could you just not love this?!)

also from Beantown
Noel Floral Dog Collar with Dried Flower Button

English Bulldog Portrait - 8x10 Fine Art Photography

Pet Dog Photography Print 8x8 A Dog's Life


  1. Wonderful blog post! Thanks for including my handsome English Bulldog, Dexter!

  2. I love all of the dogs! Thanks for including my "Sleeping in Bruges" photo!


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