Monday, August 30, 2010

Time to Hit the Books...

As a teacher, I do love this time of year. It's time to get into gear and get back to some serious work. Hit the books and go to town... Off with the flip flops and here come the heels... Ciao Ciao shorts and tees and hello pencil skirts and pretty shirts... Well, ok, I do love that part, then, there's the part where I encounter a bunch of new kids and their new "expressions," - always interesting to hear what high school kids have to say, and teach me, from time to time.
Yes, by the end of August I'm ready to go! Ready to teach. Ready to get out the power points, take notes and lecture away on the importance of learning history, art and language. However, come October, I could certainly use a bit of a break... :)   Maybe I should bottle up some of the excitement?
I do miss my little girl, all of 3 years old, as I return to my career. But I see just how much she loves her "school" - preschool, that is - and it's all ok. She gears up for a new year, just like mom. Hopefully, she too will find and always have the same excitement for "back to school," as her mother.

Happy School Days!
Some of my Etsy Back to School finds - or, some random things that get me even more excited about going back to work :)

School Days Journal - RossellaJayne 
School Days Journal Album

yes, it's a bangle - but a beauty! full  Safarisister's
NEW DESIGN Handmade Hammered Bangle Recycled Brass or Copper

Very fall, very pretty...  by MadRiverDesigns
A Little Luster - Double Wrap Laboradite on Leather

Always love some great graphics! LandofEnchantment

NeW aNTiQUeD 2.5 inch image BLoCKs aGeD sTaiNeD antique vintage paper ephemera SuN HeaRT RoCKiNG HoRSe BiRD Sail Ship CHaiR GloBe original digital collage sheet download altered art handmade greeting cards glass pendant slides scrapbooking supplies sh01
I think I have to get this...    by Boygirltees
Brownie Camera Field/Messenger bag
Pretty Print... great for my classroom! "Kids! When I was a kid... I used to have to..."
by Warmwhispers
school girl, 8x10 fine art print
ok, I could SO use this for my Iphone! love it! by Mariforssell
Stash iPod Touch / Classic case - pink and orange vintage wool plaid
I've drooled over this for a year now! Ileaiye

Soft Creamy pink kimono cardigan  approximately 4-5 left in this shade

love this too! by Idea2lifestyle
Rain embroidered long dress (Q1003)
The beginning, middle and end of my every day.... by EmilinaBallerina

Handstamped Om Necklace

Happy School Days...................

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