Friday, October 1, 2010

Sharks, Alligators & Pneumonia

When I was a kid, maybe 5 or 6, I was afraid of three things: sharks (after having seen too many shark movies!), alligators (more movies!) and pneumonia. I recall everyone telling me, "don't go outside without  your boots, your coat, you'll catch pneumonia." and "dress up, dress warm you don't watch to catch pneumonia, do you?"
Thirty some-odd years later, here I am, pneumonia-stricken! And I know I dressed warm, wore my boots (I LOVE boots!) and didn't play in the rain (too much!), but, I got it anyway. I didn't, however, put those plastic bread bags on my feet before I put my boots on - maybe that was it! Maybe those wonder bread bags really were magical!!!?? Wonder Bread bags are medicinal!
Of course, I shouldn't complain either. I got a few days off of work and have been able to catch up on some books and other work I needed to do. I even got to work on some yoga positions which helped me breathe better and feel better.
But, I suppose, fears don't disappear. Somewhere, down deep, strangling my lungs, was a fear of getting pneumonia - fears weaken us. Eventually, if you allow enough fear, you'll get exactly what you "asked" for - in my case, pneumonia.
Now, I do plan on working on that fear of sharks and alligators! They are marvelous creatures, but they don't have such a great "record." I recall fearing alligators in my bathtub. Yes, there was some awful movie we watched as kids where alligators ended up in pools and bath tubs... I think I went without the suds and water for a while. I even imagined they were under my bed! And sharks, well, after Jaws had just come out, I wasn't one to jump right into the ocean any more. I do love the ocean, the beaches... but I can do without the sharks!

It's a dreary day today, not helpful for pneumonia-stricken people, but I do love watching the rain, it's peaceful and meditative. I can't smell a thing, but normally, I love the smell of a good storm. Being a bit "set back" has also made me realize that fears are silly, but also serious. If we allow our thoughts to take over, they win. If we stop thoughts(the fearful ones)  in their tracks, we win.
As a teacher, I have to ask myself, "ok, so what have you learned from this?" - and here it is:
a. Fear nothing, love everything and everyone
b. let go is amazing
d. sharks and alligators are beautiful
d. always wear Wonder Bread bags on your feet!

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Love, love, love


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