Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh ScRiBBles!

This morning my 3-year old asked me to help her with her "art projects," - she loves her artwork! Our home is "wallpaper-ed" with artwork from Jayne...drawings, scribbles, collages and sketches that she has created over the past few years. Yes, years. She's loved her crayons since she was one. Give her paints and a brush, she's Picasso. She even loves to paint rocks - which, one day will be part of our garden walkway.
And how could I forget glitter glue?! A staple in our home!
Crayons, however, have to be her favorite. I realized this morning just how much fun it is to pick up a crayon and scribble. No patterns, no lines, just start scribbling! I think we may be telling kids to "stay in the lines," a little too much these days. "Don't go outside of the lines here," we keep telling them. But what's SO wrong with going outside of the lines every so often?
We went outside the lines this morning and made all sorts of fun stuff and, for a moment, I felt like a kid again too.
Being childlike is fun and going outside of the lines is fun too.
Maybe, just maybe, we'll have some more creative kids, if only we allow them to go outside the lines a little more often...
Go scribble!

Our scribbles for the day:
 Jayne's other favorite art...

Etsy finds for the day:

Wings of Love   Original Art

Felted black/green wool slippers with colorful decoration

Swept Away       Sweet Tweet

Dinner Party - 11 x 17 Print

scribble-like! Safarisister
SafariSister CRaZy EarWiRes VI Earrings or Jewerly Findings

Sofi and the fish,  BIG PRINT 11.7 x 16.5 inches A3 Size
child-like always....  BannerBotiqueonEtsy
NEW COLOR...Market Pink and Cream Full Bloom Flower Headband with Extra Large Rhinestone Fashion center on Super Soft Thin Stretch Ballet Pink Headband  TWO sizes available Baby Infant Toddler Tween Adult

Crayon holder! a beauty ! Syrendell
Block Wax Crayon Holder Pattern


  1. Scribbles are still a favourite thing I like to do to free my creativity.
    What wonderful pieces you have found.
    Thank you for including my wings painting with such lovely Etsy finds.


  2. Thank you for featuring our crayon holder pattern! Wonderful blog. :)

  3. Hi Tara! Thanks for featuring my watercolor paintings! You are too sweet. Love you blog!



  4. I love that you and your daughter create together. Those felt shoes are adorable!!!


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