Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Over the past few months I've played, what feels like, a secret role - creativity coach. It's been an enjoyable "job" and it's brought me into life coaching, an even bigger "job."
Like most starting in this arena, I was a bit nervous about the undertakings, but I KNEW that it was what I needed to do.  Oddly enough, as I coach, I learn. I soak up every book, CD and podcast that I can get my hands, ears and eyes on. I don't even want to sleep.
I write. I take notes. I photograph. I create... and , I love it.
I wake up with, and go to sleep with, jitters in my stomach , just thinking of the possibilities. I can tell that it's "catching" too - from those who surround me every day, as well as those who I work with, and even people at a distance.
"Weird stuff," starts to happen. People love to call it "Coincidence," but I've never been able to use that word well - it doesn't exist. Authors and teachers explain that "co-inside-nce" derives from Latin, "to come together"... oddly enough!
And that's what's happening now - things are just "co-insid-ing" and coming together. It's a journey that will take more and time learning - but it's all about being present. It's about doing, not planning.
There are certificates and courses and books galore - of which I will partake in along my journey. But my past few "clients" have been great models of what creativity and life coaching is all about and they have made me, the teacher, understand my role ever so clearly.
If you're stuck, in a rut, not sure where to go next - remember you can only go where you are, now, and here. Start now. Listen now. Learn now. Life is SO exciting and it's all happening, now.

a few Etsy treasures (and co-in-siders! :) ....

Creativity & Life Coaching Site are coming soon! Stay tuned! 

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