Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photos at a Glance...

Photo Magic

One of my favorite past times (soon becoming "all time!") is photography. I have the fortune of having some wonderful equiptment to use for myhobby/work, but, it's not always a necessity. Any camera will do. In fact, I think I use my Iphone quite a bit for a quick photo opp here and there! There are some very good camera phones out there these days. That's the magic of a good photo - it comes out perfect with just about any camera!
Photos can tell so much about a person, a place, as well as the person who is the photographer. I've learned a lot about me in just the past few years that photography has entered my life and become more than just a hobby. I keep a little journal of my findings as I take photos and I have discovered that it helps to have some "notes" to refer back to from time to time.
The other part I love about photography is editing! There are so many wonderful software packages out there, and yes, Adobe is a favorite. But there are lots of others. Pixelmator is great for a Mac, a downsized version of Photoshop. There are online sources like SmugMug and Photobucket that are also great resources. I do like the way Picassaworks too! Yes, I could go on and on about resources, but everyone finds what they're comfy with first and goes from there. I use a combination, that's just my "style." I used to enjoy creating collages, and that's still my "way" - piecing things together - I love it!
So, for the practicing photographer, or the hobby photographer, here's a little daily practice. I have used this practice for a few months now and find it quite effective. Edit it and alter it to make it fit your needs and styles. Just keep clicking - and learning!
Daily Practice: - Play every day. Click and download at least 1-5 photos a day, at least.
-Edit away! Use your favorite software to edit your work, play with it and have fun.
-Share it. Find family and friends who can take a peek at your work. Be open to critiques and use it. I love when people give me ideas and critiques, my work gets ten times better.
-It's raining , it's snowing - GO OUTSIDE! Yes, you are like the postman - get outside and discover an amazing world full of photo opps!
-No faces. If you're all about people, your kids, your friends - stop. Just for a day take photos you wouldn't normally take. Vice versa if you're all about scenery, etc. What's it like? How do you feel? What do you think of your results?
-Journal it. Take note of your photos and your feelings. What do you find? Write it down. Keep notes with your photos (online or in a book). Refer to your journal each week to discover differences and similarities.
Get clicking!

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