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I was eight when I made my first vision board, but, I didn't call it that back then. At that time it was called something like a :"Cut out magazine pictures and glue them to a poster because it's rainy and I want to do something fun" board.

As I move closer to finding my purpose, I find that the vision board at age 8 wasn't such a bad "rainy day" activity. I was a clever kid! A vision board is something I'm creating to help remind me of how things come together. It's a tool that has been wides-spread and used for ages, in helping those not just find purpose but get closer to finding out more of themselves.

"So, I just pick out what I want and put it on a poster?," clients ask. "Well, yes, I mean, no, not really," I answer. It's more than just sticking some glue to a picture of a Porsche and calling it a day.

My pictures represent things I'd like to enter into my life. Will an Olive green Jeep Wrangler Unlimited or a Silver Range Rover just show up after taping some pics to my frig? Um, no, not right away.
There are lots of books and programs on the law of attraction, and, like many, I "fell" for them, but that was short-lived. Though they are good ideas, and many do ask that you create a vision board, many authors forget to let their audience know that this "thing" that they want for, is just that. There should be not attachment or "wanting." There must also be a feeling, an awareness of self. It's impossible to get your Jeep when you feel undeserving of it. The mansion by the sea isn't on it's way when you can't even fathom what it is, or question constantly: "sure, I deserve it but I just can't afford it." - nope, not happening.

"But how can I want something but not want for it," I'm asked. "Well, it's a matter of finding a position of acceptance within yourself, aligning yourself." I reply.

Meaning> I would LOVE the kitchen I spotted in a magazine last year. Would it fit the home I'm living in now? No, not at all. So, why do I have it on my board. Because I like it, because it will fit my life one day and I can like nice things whenever I want. Heck, isn't it better to like nice things than think of clutter, anxious feelings and other "stuff"!??? 

Yes, there are things I'd like to see show up in my life sooner than later, and, if they're meant to, they will. I have a deep knowing, an firm understanding that these things will be there when they are supposed to be. I don't "long" for my Olive Jeep or Silver Ranger Rover, I just know that when they are due to come along, they will. And, for now, they go on my vision board (aka: vision list).

Looking into the Law of Attraction is, of course, quite interesting. There are so many authors that have such convincing programs, books, sites, etc. It's not a bad thing to follow them, but just know that there's more to it than just saying "This WILL be mine!". You need to be certain that you feel no attachment to that thing. (ie. "I can live without it.") You need to be clear and present in your thoughts. You, yourself, also need to be clear. That is, meditating and visualizing will also help. Of course there are whole blogs, books and sites just on these theories alone. But daily meditating is SO important.

Back to Vision Boards. They're easy to assemble and can certainly change in time. You can add to them and edit them as needed. Just be sure to actually look at them each day. Visualizing what you want is a PART of the law of attraction. As most humans, visual images tend to remain in our minds longer, therefore, vision boards do help with this work. 

How to:
-Find a poster board to fit an area where you can hang it up. You may also want to use a cork board or cork squares on a wall where you can change your pictures more easily and frequently.
-Start cutting up! Gather pics from your favorite magazines, online, drawings or photos you have taken and assemble them on your board.
-You may also want to cut out words or letters , even numbers, that have a meaning for your board as well.
-Place your board in a serene area where you can gaze at it regularly. You may want to have it in front of you after meditating.
-Change and edit your board as needed.

Don't forget - this isn't the only step in gaining a better understanding of self. Practicing meditation is very important. Being aware and aligning yourself is also quite helpful, and usually comes about with practicing meditation. See a pattern?

Here are some links that may be helpful in this process:
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Enjoy the journey - one vision at a time...

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  1. Oh wow I love your Vision Board, I'm thinking about doing a similar thing to help keep things on track!


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