Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost there...

So my technical skills - the ones I'm trying to improve, seem to diappear within 24 hrs of not using them at all! Today I was admiring and looking at this little page I put together - about a year ago - I had so much fun with it! It was just a few photos of us with some fun papers, photoshop. Now, I have NO idea how I got the graphics or where they even came from. I love Photoshop, but I swear that it's ever-changing... I mean within hours, days, the program has some other feature or does something else!!!

I tell my students to practice all of the time - no matter what you're learning USE it and work with it - time to take my own advice! It's just that there are so many avenues to go down with this technological gem of a program, and only so much time....

I could always retreat and go back to the "old fashioned" way of making some of my photos look "pretty" and get the collage stuff out. I have a whole studio to work in too - my husband was kind enough to put all of that together for me... and did a great job! Of course, the week after he finishes that up for me, I decide to scan everything and take up Photoshop again! Poor guy.

On another note - today I went to a craft fair, a pretty sizable one, going on for 3 days... I've gone a lot over the past seven or so's changed quite a bit. It was comforting though, to know that Etsy is still my safe-haven! I could find a lot more there than at this 3-day fair. I suppose it's like Etsy is an every day fair, with LOTS more great hand-made stuff !!! I could go through the "Treasury" lists for's a GREAT "get away"... and I don't even have to drive!

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  1. OOOh. I like the page you created. I love swirly floral graphics. If you figure out where they came from, I'd love to know too.


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