Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inspiration Overload

So I'm out and about, and my mind starts going in cirlces - so many ideas, so many things I want to start working on - around my home, little art projects, things for my daughter... I have lots of inspiration from my walks/jogs, and even the drives around town. I get home - and here I am - at the computer fishing around for even more ideas. Researching the "mind circles" of ideas that were flooding in just a few hours ago.

Where SHOULD I be? In my studio, working. In my daughter's room, working. Outside, helping do some work.

Even my husband is up and about - going after that garden we're FINALLY going to put in! and here I am in piles of books and papers, just fishing around for more ideas and inspiration.... Why? who knows!?! I have what I need, it's all up there - now , as Nike says, just go and do it!

what a mess.

Of course having this cold (or allergies, I still can't tell the difference...) doesn't help...
Ok, off I go to finish a piece that's been sitting forever (and is also due in a matter of weeks!) nothing like waiting until last minute!

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