Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ears have it!

To honor my brave little 3 year old daughter, today's blog will be all about earrings! Jayne was a real trooper and got her little ears pierced today. Her lobes sparkle now - and totally adorable!
It was a combo , I'll admit, me wanting her to get earrings and her , at times, mentioning she wanted them. Then, last night my husband walked into a little jewelry shop with her and I knew - it was time!
I got new little piercings for myself, some glittery little flowers to top my first piercings - very cute - I do have to say! Wouldn't let my daughter have to go through that all on her own...
So, here are a few Etsy earring finds - for mom, daughter, or friend... Enjoy!

Pretty little things! Morning Mist by AmberSky

Love her stuff! Botanical Flower by ShySiren

Botanical Flower Earrings with Smoky Glass and Sea Foam Flowers  

Where it all began... LOVE these! Copper Wings by Museglass
copper WING earrings

So pretty! Lone Tear by Envejewelry
Lone Tear

Love the cards and the shop! and, of course these little gems! by Eliwill

shay earrings - silver Topaz

Little lampwork angels by RossellaJayne

Angel Ears...

Vintage ... by PoleStar
Handmade Earrings - Sterling Silver, Acrylic White Bubble Beads, Handmade Vintage Glass, Brass - Minutiae

and more green, and pretty stuff!... by Kateemarie

Burnt Honeydew Chalcedony Earrings

Rock Candy - yummy! - by Rachelungerjewelry 

Rock Candy - Champagne Quartz Earrings

A few storage options.....

Claudine's Line stand                          
PRE ORDER Wire Earring Jewelry Tree Stand  

BlueBirds Haven Typeset Drawer holder
Antique printers typeset drawer for jewelry

and from Amazon:



  1. wow thank you I am honored to be included among all these wonderful artists!

  2. Thank you for including me in your lovely collection! I am truly honored! :)

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for including my earrings alongside so many other talented jewelry designers! Such a lovely collection that you have put together!


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