Thursday, August 19, 2010

Child's Play

Every day I find the beauty in something , some place, some one. My daughter is my every day "reminder." Her incredible spirit, beauty and ability to make me laugh at any given moment is an every minute occurrence.
Children remind us to slow down, take it easy and be child-like. We need to play and laugh more and worry less about getting the dishes done. We don't need to look at the clock every five minutes and hope the wash is through the first cycle.
A child's smile is so telling. Watch a child at play and find calm, not frantic running, just joy.
Children's toys and clothes can be a simple reminder to just stop, breathe, enjoy and let it all go.
Here are a few things, found on Etsy, that are wonderful works of art and creativity, and reminders of staying child-like.... Enjoy!

Tree Adhesive Fabric Wall Decor - by Lovemaestore           

  Le Nuage - by Matilou
Le nuage - digital art Print

Off to See the World Pillow - by Three Red Apples      
  Slumber - by Trafalagrassquare
Off to See the World pillow in turquoise  
Slumber - by Trafalagrassquare
SLUMBER 8X10 Archival Print

Baby hat by Totzhatz                                                  
Baby Blue, Navy, White - Earflap Hat with Fluffy Trim  
Bloom Felt Hair Clip - by PrettyinPosies
  Tri Petal Big Bloom - Felt Flower Hair Clip - Sweet Pea Pink

Button Hats by Hannahmccumsey                            
Autumn-Pack of 3 Market Knit Button Hats      
BabyDoll Tags by RosellaJayne
 Babydoll Tag Cards

adorable! Flower Hat by SnookyDoodles                         
 Scavenger Hunt Decks by Blykenandnod

   3 Full Decks for 15 each-  Playground Scavenger Hunt Cards


  1. tara, thanks so much for featuring my felt hair pretty! love all your finds.
    pretty in posies

  2. awwww...wonderful article!! I totally agree! I am a grandmother...I love to take time and just play with our granddaughter Arianna (when we get to visit....Oregon and Illinois are a long ways apart!) And thank you so much for including my hat...:)
    Have a fun filled day ♥

  3. What a beautiful reminder! And many wonderful picks!


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