Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I WILL do this....

So, I've got the collection - books, materials, ...all the "stuff" to do this... and so far, it's just that a very nice, very pretty "collection..." of threads, fibers and felt! I've been so attracted to the work that these artists do! and I ADORE the site "Sublime Stitching" - the owner has a wonderfully creative and artistic vision with a great element of "cool" ! And yes, I have her kits and her book - LOVE them!
I mean look at these - I could stitch these onto LOTS of stuff... but have I?
just one of Jenny's amazing patterns at Sublime stitching....

Then, on Etsy there are so many fun finds with creative stitchery and the such!

Fuzzy Monkey is too cute! These are adorable bowls!

                                                           fuzzy fuschia felted wool bowl with bright blue eco felt heart

and yes, this is too cute too! Alkelda on Etsy - dolls for story time... perfect!
                          Blue Butterfly Fairy Doll - Waldorf inspired

Then there's the wearable stuff like this cuff... Woah! I love this!Waterrose on Etsy.... great stuff!
                             Hand Embroidery Wrist Cuff Wisteria Cottage Embroidered

This little whimsical crown is also perfect for any princess.... by StellandLivi on Etsy
                          Whimiscal Crown - Roses

of course I could go on... I love these! and maybe after chatting them up, I'll get the needle, felt and thread out and start living the inspiration! thanks artisans!!!!

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  1. How wonderful...thank, go get that needle and thread! hugz


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