Monday, August 16, 2010

Make it Sparkle!

Before I became a mom, I liked the stuff that sparkled - it was nice. Now that I AM a mom , I LOVE stuff that sparkles!!! Bring it on! Not sure what giving birth has to do with it, but the more sparkle the better! I even love glitter now too!
Here are a few amazing "sparkle" finds from Etsy today - LOVE this stuff!
Estate Earrings, Greige, Swarovski Crystals   Estate Earrings, Audrey, POST
Estate crystal earrings by Laralewis - I own a pair or two ... VERY nice! Always makes the outfit!

VERSAILLES RING no193 antique inspired artisan silver ring
now, this is a ring! LOVE it! FigIstanbul on Etsy

Rainbow Opalite Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace - Aura  Faceted Brown Smoky Quartz Trapezoid Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings - Suede
The name of this shop is GlitzGlitter - of course it has LOTS of sparkle!!!

crystal and sterling silver - Gypsy Necklace Jealous Girlfriend Earrings - Czech glass drops and brass
Love this shop - GlassOnion - GREAT stuff! and these are some pretty little sparkle-y pieces!
Lily Necklace - faceted rose quartz and oxidized sterling silver
and just another from GlassOnion, SO pretty in pink!!!

I could go ON and ON and ON...
Don't forget - everyone NEEDS some sparkle!!!!



  1. I am in complete agreement with you! You can never have enough sparkles! :)

  2. lovely post. I love the way pretty jewelry sparkles in the light. You picked some great examples. Thank you so much for including some of mine.


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